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My Journey

My Journey

Each one of us has a story that is uniquely our own. Growing up, I never imagined I'd be doing what I'm doing now, but by following my own path, I found my passion. Here is my journey. 


I have always been curious about the human body and how it works. 

Initially, I thought I I was going to be a medical doctor. My curiosity about the inner workings of the human body, couple with my desire to help people, made medicine seem like the great career choice. 

Before applying to medical school, I decided to do a Masters degree in Biochemistry. I immersed myself in science, watched things happen in petri dishes and recorded my findings. It was fun! To me, this was a productive way to buy some time as I was deciding whether or not medicine was really for me. 

After graduating and publishing my results, I had some time to reflect on my next steps. There was something about going to medical school that just didn't seem right at the time.


During my reflection, I traveled down memory lane and thought about the moments in my life when I was the happiest. Growing up, I had many extracurricular activities that involved performing and being on a stage. I played at many piano festivals, danced in talent shows and participated in school plays. I LOVED it. It was so thrilling! 

I decided to pursue acting. I loved the idea of using my whole being - voice, body, movements - to tell a story. After being in sciences for so long, I felt like the arts offered a whole plethora of exciting, new experiences. Ones that would help me understand what it was like to be human, but in a different way.


Where better to learn how to act than in New York City? I packed up my life in Canada and moved to the Big Apple, where I completed a 2-year diploma in the performing arts. 


New York City
Women with eczema on neck
Women with eczema

My acting dreams then came to a halt when I started to develop eczema on my face. It started around my eyes, and then ended up spreading all over my face and body.


In addition to the unsightly look, the physical discomfort was what made life incredibly challenging. I was constantly itching and scratching. My skin was affecting every area of my life. It felt like life was put on hold. I was scared. I didn’t know why it was happening, what was causing it, how bad it would get, if there was a safe solution etc. The idea of relying on steroid creams and antibiotics for the rest of my life did not sit well with me at all. 

I tried topical steroid creams for just 2 weeks. My skin got better when I was using the cream, but as soon as I stopped my 2 week prescription, my skin got worse. A LOT worse. Starting the vicious cycle of using steroid creams to get my flare ups under control wasn’t an option. Rather, I decided to take my health into my own hands, do my own research and find my own solutions. 

Using holistic nutrition, coupled with BIE, I was able to get a 100% reversal in my symptoms. I got my healthy skin back without the use of harmful meds! And, the best part is, I can still eat whatever I want (although healthy eating has now become a sustained change for me), and I no longer get flare ups. 

The experience of healing my skin without any creams, pills or needles inspired me to get certified and licensed in holistic nutrition and BIE (respectively). I am now dedicated to and so passionate about helping others heal their skin naturally too. 

I truly believe that healing your skin from the inside out is the safest way and it ensures long-term results!

Alternative medicine practitioner

At every step of my journey, I have gained tremendous insight into and appreciation for the human body and its functions.

I am dedicated to using my collective knowledge to empower you to heal your skin naturally from the inside out and to love the skin you're in again!

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My Philosophy

My Philosophy

Holistic Skin Artisan uses elements of science to get your body in its optimal state for healing

Those elements are physics and chemistry



Everything has energy. Everything.

It's the part of everything that we can't see.

When we have energetic imbalances within our bodies, symptoms appear. 

When we restore balance, we achieve homeostasis and symptoms disappear.


Food is made up of molecules and so are we.

When we eat food molecules, they interact with our molecules, creating different chemical reactions.

These reactions either move towards or away from healing.

The modalities that Holistic Skin Artisan uses are BIE and Holistic Nutrition

​BIE is the physics component that balances you energetically.


Nutrition is the chemistry component that provides your body with raw materials for repair and rebuilding.​


By bringing in the right energy and chemistry, the body is given the necessary tools to heal from the inside out.


eczema  ·  acne  ·  hives ·  psoriasis  ·  rashes


pH  ·  adrenal  ·  blood/lymph blood sugar  
digestion · hormone · immune  ·  kidney ·  liver

My Process

My Process

Let's meet!


During a complimentary 15 minute meet-and-greet, we will talk about what your primary health concerns are and see if BIE & Holistic Nutrition are a good fit for you. 

It's a fit


Once we have made a connection and you understand how BIE & Holistic Nutrition can benefit you and your health, you are ready for your initial consultation. 

Initial consultation


This is where we begin to uncover the root cause of your flare ups and identify the major culprits that are exacerbating your symptoms. BIE will be used to balance your body out energetically, while holistic nutrition will balance your body out biochemically. 

Follow up

This is to assess the body’s response to BIE and to identify any additional stressors. At this appointment, these stressors are reintroduced back to your body and any adjustments to nutritional protocols will be made.

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