how long will it take to notice results?


properly healing the skin, without the use of harmful medications, is not always a quick fix. the length of time will really depend on the individual. with bie, it usually takes about 2 to 5 sessions to see a noticeable change.


how are you different from other practitioners?


i have a very diverse educational background (biochemistry, performing arts, holistic nutrition, bie). my experiences in the fields of science and arts have equipped me with unique insight into how the human body works. also, experiencing severe eczema myself, i am aware of the many difficult challenges that come with having a chronic skin condition. i have an immense amount of compassion that are experiencing it too and am dedicated to finding the best solution. to read about my experience reversing my eczema symptoms without any medications, check out my blog!


what can I expect during the first appointment?


during the initial appointment, i focus on identifying the main stressors that are giving rise to your symptoms. this is done through an assessment called biofeedback analysis (muscle testing). once these stressors are identified, bie is used to normalize you to them. this brings the body back into balance so the body can properly identify and deal with a substance, therefore alleviating the associated symptoms. nutritional counselling will also be given to create the ideal state for healing.


are there any side effects to bie?

while the body is normalizing to a particular stressor after bie, symptoms of detoxification may occur. these symptoms can include headaches, sore throat, fatigue, foggy brain, aches/pains and the feeling of nausea. these symptoms are usually short-lived and are sometimes part the healing process.

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