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5 reasons to try BIE if you have eczema

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Most people with eczema go through this journey, or something similar to it. They see their family doctor, who then refers them to a dermatologist. During the appointment with the dermatologist, they’re told that there is nothing that can be done except manage the symptoms using steroid creams/pills and antibiotics. They start taking the pills and applying the cream, and the symptoms go away in about a day or two. But, the moment they stop the meds, the symptoms come back, and sometimes with a vengeance.

Hearing that you have a condition that is “not curable” and that “nothing that can be done” can be very discouraging. In my practice, I strive to give power back to the client and let them know that they have control over many aspects of their health. Also, I like to let my clients know their options.

For those with eczema, an option that could be very effective for you is BIE.

What is BIE?

Briefly, BIE stands for BioEnergetics Intolerance Elimination. It is a fascinating technology that helps the body recognize a substance that may be causing your symptoms, and get balanced back out. It accomplishes this by taking the frequency of a substance and imprinting it on 16 acupuncture points, without the use of needles. It is done through low electrical impulses (the main language of the body). Once the body is able to recognize the substance, it can then heal itself and be relieved from the associated symptoms.

How can BIE help those with eczema?

Eczema symptoms include dry, itchy, inflamed, cracked, skin. These are signs that the body is not reacting appropriately to something. It could be any substance - a food, chemical, dust etc. Why is the body not reacting appropriately? It is thought that under a stressful situation, anything the body is exposed to during that stressful period, could be identified as something that is now “harmful” by the body. So, future exposure to that substance can result in the inappropriate recognition of the substance, leaving the body unable to deal with it correctly and eventually giving rise to symptoms. Ever wonder why you were able to eat a particular food without any issues, and now, you react? The theory behind BIE can explain, in part, why this change may have occurred. BIE sessions help to identify the aggravating substance(s) and then normalize the body to it, so that the body can properly react.

Below, I have outlined the top 5 reasons why you should try BIE if you have eczema.

5 reasons why you should try BIE if you have eczema

1. Nothing else has worked

It’s common to hear people with eczema say, “I have tried everything and nothing has worked.” A reason that nothing has worked may be due to the fact that you have an intolerance that you are not yet aware of. An intolerance here is defined as the body’s inability to properly recognize a substance. During a BIE session, biofeedback analysis (muscle testing) is used to assess the body’s response to a variety of substances. During the assessment, if your muscle tests weak to a substance, it is reflective of your body’s inability to properly recognize that substance. In order to get your body to re-recognize the substance, BIE is used, where the electromagnetic frequency of the substance is introduced to the body.

2. It can help identify the culprit(s)

Some tests, like food sensitivity tests, can be performed to help identify what the main culprits are to your flare ups. These tests can provide great insight into a complex situation, but they don’t reverse the problem. In order to avoid flare ups, you would have to refrain from eating the “problematic foods.” But with BIE, the body is re-introduced to the frequency of a particular food that your body isn’t responding well to. As a result, upon future exposure to that food, the body can identify it correctly and metabolize it appropriately. This goes for almost any substance, not just food.

3. It’s safe, non-invasive and painless

Although medications like steroids, antibiotics and immunosuppressants (i.e. Protopic) can provide quick relief, they do not address the root cause. Rather, they temporarily address the symptom. Also, the relief gained from these meds comes at a cost, and sometimes a hefty one. These medications have side effects. Research has shown that steroid medications, even at low doses, can damage a wide range of organ systems including the cardiovascular(1), endocrine(2) and digestive system(3,4). With BIE, there are no creams, pills or injections. Instead, BIE uses a device, where a probe just touches the surface of the skin and directs low frequency waves to specific points on the body. BIE can be used on children and even pets! There are no known contraindications with BIE.

4. Economical

Some healing protocols involve an exhaustive list of supplements that need to be taken over a very long time (i.e. several months). This can be very costly. Furthermore, supplements sometimes may even be a contributor to the problem. For example, if your body does not properly recognize fats (i.e. you are intolerant to fats), taking omega-3 supplements may actually exacerbate your symptoms. And, because we commonly hear that omega-3 supplements are are great for skin health, we don’t make the connection between omega consumption and our worsening symptoms. So, identifying the culprit and normalizing your body to it with BIE can help to reduce the dependency on supplements, and therefore, save you money in the long run.

5. Can lessen the amount of time taken to heal

When healing eczema naturally, it can take a while. Most of your time is spent just trying to identify the cause of the flare ups. Is it a food? Is it a reaction to mold? Is it candida overgrowth? And, the list goes on. For some, it can take a few years to find the

main culprit. In addition to the time spent trying to figure out what the culprit is, it takes time to heal the skin from the inside out. The overall healing process can be very long. In a typical BIE session, you will be muscle tested to a variety of substances that are the most common triggers of eczema, in addition to other substances that would make sense to test, based on your history and personal situation. For example, if you work as a nail technician, you can be tested to toluene, a common chemical found in nail polish. This assessment during a BIE session can help make the guessing game a lot shorter. Once the substances are identified, the subsequent steps that need to be taken towards healing can be better prioritized.

What’s next?

As someone who had eczema all over the face, neck, arms, back and abdomen, I can totally relate to your feelings of frustration when trying to identify the triggers. I would love to help you figure out the root cause of your flare ups and to accompany you on your healing journey. For most people, BIE is a new concept. Consider booking a 15 consultation to learn more about BIE and how it can help you.


Want to learn more?

Jennifer Ide is a BIE Practitioner and Holistic Nutritionist, based in Toronto. She has helped many people with eczema, acne and hives, heal their skin naturally. She is here to support you and answer any questions that you have. There are many ways to connect. You can email directly (hyperlink to email), send a message on instagram @jenniferide, or book a free meet-and-greet. Connect and see how she can help you!


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